Friday, January 1, 2010

Block By Block

Using only what I have on hand, my challenge is to redo our basement pottery studio to give it a more artistic vibe instead of the makeshift laundry, storage, catch-all place it has become. I plan to use some of my toile fabric to divide out the laundry space.

And block by block, I will be attempting to transform the walls

into the look of stone, by continuing to apply this pattern of shading which is going to take FOREVER, but will be so worth it.

I have plenty of sea shells and gold paint in my arsenal of "things I already have on hand."

So I will take every opportunity to use whatever else I find as I go along.

I've been so consumed with my prep work and clearing out the past few days, I forgot to take 'before' pictures, so I will just have to show you what I accomplish as I go along.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a great project for the new year - can't wait to see more photos.

Birdman said...

Ya, I have learned some BIG project are so much more fun to do if the pressure of gettin' it done is taken away a bit. A basement studio do-over might be just one of these. I hear you're getting a lot more snow DownEast then here in So. ME.


i am moving my pottery studio into the basement too - and i am envious of your plan to art-up your space! it will be a long time before i have time to do anything like that - for now - just hoping for function!

have fun with your project!