Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lobstering This Time of Year

Instead of using our lobster boat, Fearless that we had hauled out of the water a few weeks ago due to the anticipation of Hurricane Earl, we're now using our 14 ft. Grumman fishing boat and hauling the traps up by hand. 


Most mornings are a little chilly and it takes a few pulls to get the motor running.  Here's a shot I captured one morning of Henri just before the engine roared to life.   

The moon phases wreak havoc on the tides this time of year and it's common to have both astronomically low and high tides.  The low tides make it harder to get the boat back on the trailer when finished fishing without backing the truck too far into the water. 

In the Grumman, I no longer get to haul up the traps. 

My job is to grab them out of the water and pass them to Henri to haul up by hand.  Here we are coming up on one now, time to put my camera away so I can do my part. 

Mostly I just sit there and watch with my color coordinated boots and gloves that I will need when he catches something that needs to be banded. 

Nothing in this trap except crabs. 

And a sea urchin. 

In between grabbing up the buoys, I'm content to just sit there with my camera.   

And just take more pictures.     

Just like I do when we go for a walk at the end of the day. 

Looking out at a few of our buoys still left in the harbor. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sea Chest

When I  found this wooden box at the thrift store it was in rough shape.  So after applying a quick wash of paint, a little wood putty, and replacing a missing hinge it was ready to hold some treasures. 

It used to have an additional line that read "A Place for Everything, and Everything in it's Place" but I erased it with my paintbrush.   I like it better this way. 

I admit I have sea glass scattered all over the house wherever I happen to empty my pockets.

Because when we're out walking I usually spot at least one more treasure to bring home.   

Ta da! So isn't this the perfect place to stash my sea glass?

 All sorted out by color too!    

And take a look at this cool print that is underneath the lid.  

My $3 sea chest filled with gifts from the sea.    

One last shot of my pretty little treasures.    

Treasures that the Captain may have never even thought to keep. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Balance, Nature, Contentment

One of the things we did last week while our friend was visiting from California, was to go for a picnic together at a nearby place. 

We had the shoreline to ourselves. 

As we sat taking in the scenery and enjoying our lunch. 

After lunch activity. 

He must have been inspired by the balanced lunch we ate. 

Here in this beautiful place, communing with nature.

Contented to just sit and notice.   

Or to watch others pursue their own contentment. 

Even in nature, contentment is highly individual. 

Later we headed down to Rockport, Maine to visit the statue of Andre the seal. 

More happy contentment. 

It was a very good day.   

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Late Summer In My Garden

In this my second season of growing a garden, I can't believe how many years of my life I was without one.  This time of year when everything is winding down, I still have a few more rows of potatoes to dig while I'm still out gathering ripened tomatoes. 

They always look so much better all scrubbed up.  The little ones are for Simon (our parrot).

And the larger ones I slice up for Henri's favorite snack. 

Home made potato chips fried up in extra virgin olive oil, with a little sea salt. 

This year I grew 3 type of tomatoes.  Some Roma tomatoes.   

Some yellow ones, which are one of my favorite. 

I also grew zucchini and some Japanese cucumbers.

I even made zucchini bread  (but it was attacked before I could get a picture of two perfect loaves fresh from the oven.) I'm finding even a small garden harvest is such a delight to behold.   


Here is one of the purple peppers that I grew from seed, still fresh with this morning's dew.  I have yet to pick it.

I also grew some zinnias from seed for the first time this year. 

They overlook our lobster traps and buoys in the distance. 

I grew them so I could have some cut flowers to play with inside, and the ones that get damaged I like to use as an impromptu garnish. 

Here's one more picture of the potatoes.  They are called Red Norlans. 

Actually, I just wanted to show you a close up of my lovely vintage scale that I found earlier this summer (you know, just in case you missed seeing it in the other picture I posted above.)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Who Are These People?

We've been out playing tourist and having fun with our "blog shy" friend N who is visiting us from CA.  So I thought I would show you a few pictures she took when she was here last year that she printed up and brought with her this year.

Must have been during his 'wearing the hat backwards' phase.  But hey, nice lobstah!

And then there is this one.  Yikes, I wouldn't even want to mess with me here. 

A keeper. 

Bonding with banding the lobster.

Unlikely hunters during hunting season.   

Apparently, I think this one's a keeper too.  

But seriously, who are these people?