Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Nothings

The wind is howling outside, and we have lost our power. I was able to finish this topiary before it went out though.

With a little glue from my hot glue gun, look how much sugar I will save myself from eating.

Or maybe not.

I know it's a little bit early for Valentine's Day treats.

But to tell you the truth, the power was still on while I baked these.

And if you felt how strong the wind was blowing right outside our house tonight,

and you thought just maybe you would lose power at any moment,

like we did right after I finished making them, you'd be glad you had something to snack on in the dark too.

Thank goodness for cell phones and battery powered laptops (and in the interest of full disclosure, thank goodness for our generator too)!


Low Tide High Style said...

That topiary is too cute and the cookies look delish! I never seem to make sugar cookies anymore...I really should!

We have a whole house generator too, and thank goodness we do since we lose power frequently, like yesterday!

Kat :)

Fabulously french said...

Love that topiary, and the cookies look yummy.

I must make some for Mr FF :-)

I made him some cherry ones the other day which not only looked great in my glass cookie but were also given a gold star by him :-)


Piecefulafternoon said...

Cute - and sweet!