Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weather Indicators

This morning's sunrise.

"Red Sky at Morning, Sailor Take Warning"

Late afternoon today.

Mackerel sky is often an indicator of precipitation within 24 hours.

Tomorrow's weather forecast here calls for high winds and torrential rains. It's nice to know some of these common indicators. For those whose livelihoods depend on the weather, it's a common belief, that the sky does not lie. May God bless them all.


Sandra said...

First time visitor to your beautiful blog, enjoying myself. Since moving to the farm, home of my heart, I've found I look to the skies and animals as my weather report. Rarely do I check the media for weather reports; sky and animals are far more accurate.

Low Tide High Style said...

We are having torrential rains here today with a chance of flooding, so it's a good day to stay inside. Hope your "red sky at night" will bring you better weather than we are having!

Kat :)

Piecefulafternoon said...

Lovely photos - we too go by the sky signs. My father was a commercial fisherman in Alaska when I was a kid and we lived by the sky.

Yesterday we were up at Birch Bay - north of here - to see the waterfowl that overwinter there - and there was a big NOAA truck there - with its big radar going back and forth - facing the bay. Now NOAA does not just go out for fun - there must have been something they were looking for. The forecast was for light drizzle all night - but in the middle of the night torrential rains hit - and thudding, whipping winds - not in the forecast at all - NOAA must have been on to something. I'm sure when it is light there will be garbage cans and assorted items scattered all over the neighborhood from the sound of those winds.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Beautiful post... we are getting more snow. I am so over winter! Thanks for telling me a bit about your tablescapes.