Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cabin Fever

About this time of year, all over Maine you can sense the beginning of ugly. I don't mean ugly as in unpleasant to look at, I'm talking ugly, as in having the temperament of a bear.

And yes, a lot of us here in Maine, tend to have at least 1 room in our house devoted to all things campy.

A room with lots of wood, where husbands would bristle at the mere mention of how a gallon of paint would sure do wonders to cheer up the place.

Fortunately, the State of Maine has come up with a cure for a mid-winter case of cabin fever.

It's a weekend of free fishing , which means you don't need to purchase a fishing license in order to fish, making it an affordable outing.

Interestingly enough, the free fishing weekend always coincides with Valentines Day. How romantic you say? Oh, and I'm talking ice fishing, where you drill holes in the ice, bait and set your trap and wait around in the cold for a flag to pop up, to let you know when you have a bite.

And let me just say, if I didn't enjoy going as much as I do, I would probably just stay home and dream about how a room of wood might look in a fresh coat of paint. Good thing I love my husband. Oh I really do.


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

You got to really love that husband to do that . . ice fishing! My husband loves to fish also. We usually do Mammoth, Ca. Got to love it!

Tracey said...

It gets pretty ugly over here in the Chgo area this time of year too...the bitter cold wind and all...and we're expected to get 11 inches of snow tonight!!! Yuck!

Stay warm ~

:) T

Dear Lillie said...

Have fun! I am not going to lie - as much as I love my hubby I can't imagine going ice fishing with him on Valentine's Day (fortunately for me I can't imagine him wanting to either =) haha! Anyway, hope you guys have a blast. Love the canoe on the wall, by the way!

Maya said...

I'd love to have a good fish for Valentines, but not sit on ice and wait for it, haha! Keep warm!!!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Sitting on ice - Don's done it - and wonders why - and I've never even thought about it. Fish - I'd take that - but someone else has to freeze their hiney off for it - or I buy it at the store. But glad you have fun - hope the fish are biting.