Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All This Because I Wanted An Easel

We've collected so many things over the years that have remained packed in boxes since our move to Maine 7 years ago. Like these. They are old Listerine bottles. Why? Well, several years ago, we had heard that the manufacturer of Listerine was offering up a grand prize to someone who found the oldest bottle ever produced. We spent a good part of our vacation here that year, excitedly driving up and down the coast looking for any Listerine bottle we could get our hands on. We had such a great time, convinced that we were the only ones that even knew about this contest, until we noticed a car with Mass plates was hot on our trail to find them too! Needless to say, we didn't win, but we did learn a little about how to tell the age of a bottle along the way.

We have sort of adopted a new rule in our home, that if you wish to bring something new into the house, you need to find a way to release something else that you already have. And I have been wanting to add an easel to our studio, so that meant I had to think of a way to clear some space for it. So, after looking around, I decided to just add a new category to my Etsy shop where I will offer up a few vintage items for sale.

So this afternoon, we headed out in search of an easel. But I got distracted and took some pictures of things that were calling to me. Like this sign.

And this sign too. I think I was just hungry though. Did you know that in Maine, it's common to make a meal out of just baked beans? Henri still finds that odd.

Oh good golly, I fell right in love with this handpainted tray.

But with a price tag of $350. it quickly brought me back to reality.

Then I spotted this vintage French beauty.

And I decided I had to have her, to add some class to my
new Etsy vintage items. She's for sale over there right now.

Oh, and here's my easel, I just knew I would find it today. And I already brought her home to live with us. She's got a nice brass patina. Nice brass. heehee

Now I just need to find the right canvas for her. Looks like I had better find more things to add to my vintage Etsy store.


Piecefulafternoon said...

That baked beans story is funny - reminds me of corn roasts in Wisconsin. They build a big bonfire - roast the corn in the coals and taht is the meal - CORN. I found it amusing when I first heard of it, but Don, being from Wisconsin, didn't find it unusual at all. Though I bet he would like to add baked beans to his meal.

Your easel is wonderful - what a fun day you had.

Lisa T. said...

So where did you go shopping? Where on earth in this entire state is there a store with a tray that costs $350.00? You need to come inland and go to the auctions with us sometime. Last weekend I bought 5 old oil paintings with a coffee table and a chenille bed spread, a box of silver plate, two victorian carved arm chairs, two hooked rugs with roses, a wall drying rack and a colored photo of a baby probably 1900-1910. My total? $27.50. For EVERYTHING. Lord I just love that. What a rush.

Anywhooo...Love the easel and the print.


Low Tide High Style said...

Your easel is perfect! I can't wait to see what you proudly display on it! And those signs and that tray would have been calling my name too, but like you that price tag would have helped me move on!

I'm off to look at all of your cool vintage items in your Etsy shop!

Kat :)

BP said...

Lili - That's an excellent rule, to release something you already have in order to bring in something new. Marcy & I are working very hard at clearing clutter these days. I try to only keep things that are useful, beautiful, or meaningful.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Lili,

Anything vintage I love. What great finds for your Etsy. My Mom's an avid collector of antiques, mostly dish ware and figurines, she has some real beauties. I have to go take a peek at Etsy and see the goodies you got.
Have a good Wednesday!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love that rule too..., and would love to find some old bottles on the beach!

Teri said...

Oh Lili! I just got my wonderful little packet of seaglass! Now how did you know that purple and green are my favorite colors? :-) Thank you so much!

Brabourne Farm said...

Madame Easel is very beautiful - I'm sure she'll provide you with much happiness! Leigh

Dear Lillie said...

Wow - that hand-painted tray is gorgeous! And I love the listerine bottles!!!!!! Your photos of them are gorgeous!