Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting Festive With Pine Cones, Cranberries and Sea Glass

A mixture of natural and painted pine cones, lit up inside a glass canister, is my quick and easy way to add instant holiday cheer to my kitchen. And it serves double duty by holding a few of my cookie cutters that I may use during the holidays.

I feel festive already!

This was easy too. I just used cranberries, with pine cones and moss that I gathered from outside. Then, I added a whimsical piece of driftwood right through that piece of leftover velvet ribbon that I couldn't figure out how to make a bow with.

The cardinal doesn't seem to mind either.

I only wish I could photograph this one a little better, just so you could see that each white light is covered with a piece of sea glass, courtesy of my hot glue gun.

But at least I can show you a closeup of the cherub.

Anyway, I hope you can envision how beautiful the lights are when I tell you they look all frosty and pitted, each one, like a tiny illuminated, salty treasure from the sea.


carla said...

Very nice. Hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea of the pinecones, cookie cutters and Christmas lights for the kitchen. We don't have our tree up yet and I think this is just the boost I need.

Also, that's a lovely wreath with the cardinal.

Fearless Nester said...

Carla, I was hoping someone could use a quick idea or two for the holidays. Oh yes, the tree, that's next on my list too!