Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Waking Up My Tired Dining Room Set

This post involves painting over wood furniture, just in case you're a little squeamish about that.

Besides paint, I used paraffin wax and also a paste wax (for cars) that I borrowed from Henri.

Before beginning to paint, I used the paraffin wax to rub on the areas where I wanted the paint to wear off naturally.

I decided not to paint the top of the table though, once I saw the nice contrast the natural wood gave to the painted surface.

I think the creme colored paint did wonders for the chairs.

Originally, I was going to change out the upholstery, but decided I like it with the new paint job.

I applied paste wax over the entire painted surface for several hours before buffing it out. I decided not to distress the paint finish quite yet. I want to live with it for a while.

Plus, my calendar shows there are only 3 days left before Christmas!

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