Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Visit

Someone pulled into our driveway early this morning.

There were footprints left at our front door.

I heard a knock on our door . . . instead of the ring of our doorbell.

Take a peek at what was inside a box that had been left at our door.

This one even sparkles.

How did they know our favorite colors?

(Hot pink and lime green are the colors of our lobster buoys.)

Everything is so beautifully wrapped.

The gift tags all say they are from Santa!

I wonder if anyone saw him?

Santa must think we've been really, really good this year.

1 comment:

Fabulously french said...

You are a very lucky girl and boy does Santa have good taste with it comes to choosing christmas wrapping paper :-)

Wishing you a very happy Christmas.

Leeann x