Saturday, November 21, 2009


Question. Who makes pumpkin pie a full week before Thanksgiving? Answer. Apparently someone who intends to eat it beforehand.

Perhaps my craving began when I noticed the sunset seemed to fade skyward into the color of pumpkin.

Whatever the reason, I further justified a half a pie a day is such a small price to pay for the sake of symmetry.

Plus, no where on my Thanksgiving menu does it read "Pumpkin Pie."


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Gotta love your reasoning. Guess where I am going? Correct - into the kitchen to make a pumpkin pie.

Elenka said...

You are a SMART woman! Cook traditional desserts ahead of time, but don't have them on the menu! Pure Genius.
Any secrets to preparing the blackened Salmon??

Julie Ann Moser said...

I love your blog and the tag line - I'm moving back to my home state of Maine after five years in the South (packing up, starting over where the heart belongs - at the beginning of the winter season, no less... it must be love!) and continuing to get my nonprofit off the ground. Thanks for your great posts!

Joyce Lee said...

*LIKE* =D awesome!!

Lili said...

JoAnn (at Piecefulafternoon) - Oh how funny!!!

Elenka - The blackened salmon is my favorite... and it is very good! There's a link to it under my "Fussing With The Food" post under the word "recipe" just in case you missed it.

Julie - I'm so excited you found my blog and you will be coming back home soon too! Welcome, Welcome!!!

Joyce Lee - Thank you for becoming a new follower and for your comment...I so love to hear from my readers!