Sunday, February 8, 2015

An Enchanted Winter

Hello and surprise!  Just popping in to share a few images with you as our landscape continues to fill up with snow.  I marvel at the sweetness of these tiny creatures fully exposed to our harsh winter elements.  Maybe it's their voracious appetite that gets them through.  Henri makes sure they are well fed.

My neighbor felt the need to apologize to me for still having her Christmas lights up just in case I thought it was a bit odd. I told her how the sight of it had already lured me outside on a 'below zero' evening just to get a photo of it.  It is still a lovely and most welcome sight from our window.  

We have kept a foothpath open to my little shop across the street. 

The sky sure had a beautiful glow from that direction the other evening.  

Of course there is more snow on the way.  More plowing, shoveling and digging out will need to be done.  

If you have found your way over here, I want you to know I am thankful for your visit.  I hope you too are happy with where you have chosen to spend your winter as well.  Maybe one day we will decide to become "snowbirds" you just never can tell.