Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Downeast Cotton

If Sunday's walk had me seeing powdered sugar everywhere I looked
todays scenery from the after effects of Monday's Nor'easter had me seeing pure white cotton.
The kind you keep in a pretty glass container in your bath.

Or the kind farmers plant in February in Southern states

In order to harvest it in July

But unlike it's Southern counterpart, Downeast cotton is resistant to boll weevils.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Struggle For Balance

I believe it all started because I spend an allotted time of my day on the computer. I had found this recipe, printed it off, crumpled it up, and then later retrieved it from my trash bin.

After pulling myself away from the laptop, I headed into the kitchen on a mission. Soon, the lovely whir of my KitchenAid Artisan mixer had me completely caught up in the joy of baking a special treat for my husband. Once again being able to fill my tiny glass bowls (a gift from my sister) with pre-measured ingredients, along with the sight of my favorite wooden spoon I would need for making the pastry creme, made me realize I had been missing out on the simple pleasure of baking, by my silly attempt to curb my appetite for sugar.

What a delight it was, to once again use my beautiful pink depression glass cake pedestal that a dear friend gave me years ago!

With lunchtime fast approaching, we headed out a bit earlier than our usual schedule for our daily walk. We noticed the sun had come out, and the freshly fallen snow from the night before was a striking contrast to the darker tones of the surrounding landscape. Strangely, everywhere I looked, began to remind me of of what I knew was back home chilling in the fridge.
In my mind, I was seeing powdered sugar everywhere . . .

We had walked nearly 3 miles by the time we arrived at my favorite spot to just sit and gaze. This place was the real masterpiece of the day, and one I was not willing to mess up with my footprints.

24 hours later, 1 portion remains . . .

I look forward to returning my lovely pink pedestal dish to its spot in the cupboard.

Friday, February 20, 2009


One of us is showing off here...
Simon is my blue crowned amazon that for some reason decided to leap onto my arm and climb to the top of my head as I casually passed by his cage in a pet store. If that's not a clear sign for someone to take action and alter the course of their life, then I don't know what is. Simon, known then as "Buddy" became mine a few days later after I successfully convinced my credit union to loan me the $500 that I needed to take this amazing creature home with me.
That was 33 years ago...

Here's a close up of him grooming himself, he has a unique white ring around his eye.

This close up shows off his "blue crown"

Oh, he's getting very sleepy here. When you are originally from a tropical climate and are transported to a place where the view outside your window for most of the winter resembles "cold" . . .

and, you're a bird... someone may be inspired to refer to you as a Fearless Nester.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Whether one heart




or four and counting

A Moonlit Night

Is For All Who Notice

May You Always Feel

the Love that Surrounds You

Friday, February 6, 2009


The frosty multi colored hues of sea glass or mermaid tears
often hold a romantic connection to the past.

Collecting sea glass can provide a peak into the history of an area. I found this piece near the old steamer wharf in Sorrento, where in the late 1800's steamships made routine trips in the summer months from Boston and nearby Bar Harbor. Perhaps this glass button was lost from the garment of a Victorian lady during her time spent here.

This appears to be a gemstone from the setting of a ring, forever lost to the sea by its former owner.

These rare and hard to find pieces of black sea glass were also found in Sorrento. When held up to the light they have a translucent greenish glow.

We are often inspired to use seaglass in our art.
Here is a closeup shot of a piece of seaglass that has been fired into the bottom of a pottery bowl.

This shows the beginning layout of a piece combining seaglass with a few of our raku fish.

And here is a closeup of what I made today. Pieces that were once part of a bottle of beer.
I have wrapped the pieces in silver wire and strung them together onto a recycled lamp that provides a soft amber glow.

Perfect to reflect upon my connection to those so long ago, whose hands may have once touched the bottle that brought me these remnants from the past.

Monday, February 2, 2009


3 days later, back on Eagle Lake

Drill more holes

Something is about to happen...

A moment of enlightenment

Ahhh. . . this is how it's done

A day worth repeating! Happy Groundhog Day!