Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Night Lights For A Coastal Nest

On the Coast of Maine this time of year, sunset is around 4:00. That's when it's time to enjoy all my favorite lights. This one is in our main living area.

So is this one. This lamp has 4 of those flicker flame bulbs, with just enough tacky to always make me smile.

Here's my glowing pendant light that hangs over my kitchen sink.

The bottom narrows into a graceful twist, and in the daylight you can see the twist is just clear glass.

I love the old look of this glass, it's actually an outdoor fixture that I found at the local hardware store and it's what we use as an overhead light in the kitchen.

I have a little "diner booth" in my kitchen, a built-in with bench seating. Over this area I hung a little wrought iron tealight candelabra that is really handy when the power goes out.

Which thankfully doesn't happen that often anymore.

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