Friday, September 30, 2011

It Was Love At First Sight

So Henri finally got his truck. 

And sort of a new look to go with it. 

Well actually it was my idea to take some Fall inspired shots with it on our way back from town. 

Lest you think this is our backyard, I will tell you the backdrop is really of a saltwater farm right up the road from us.   

We had just come back from town where we picked up some Fall decor for outside.   

Only thing is, I think I like the way it looks inside the truck. 

Tailgate up or not.  Just between you and me, I am more than a little smitten with it too.   Hayride anyone? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adding Romantic Touches to My Tiny Greenhouse

My backyard greenhouse measures just 6' x 8' and with the exception of the added trim embellishment to the top, it is straight out of the box.  The trim is plastic garden edging (found at a thrift store for a dollar) that I spray painted silver. I adore the touch of romance it adds to the overall look. 

It's rather late in the season for allysum, but here it is still blooming in one of  my concrete cherub pots that flank each side of my greenhouse. 

The other one holds beautiful penny denim violas that have been blooming since early spring here too.  They were in the shade up until a couple weeks ago when I had the idea to make them a focal point for my greenhouse. 

Any violas that I accidentally uproot now and again get added as floating flowers to a tarnished silver plate bowl right alongside my other potted plants. 

It would be a shame to just throw them on the ground when they are still so pretty!

Same goes with my zinnias that I grew from seed for the purpose of cutting.  I end up enjoying them right where they are planted inside our huge garden tee pee. 

But the ones that veer off sideways, or get broken stems, end up as floating pretties too. 

A closeup showing the fleur de lis pattern of trim on the top.  Notice that peek of my new hydrangea tree (a birthday present from Henri) that is planted outside of the greenhouse. 

It's a Limelight Hydrangea that is hardy to Zone 4!  Surprisingly hardy for something so beautiful and delicate.

Enjoying more zinnias inside vintage bottles added to a galvanized tray carrier I found at Sweet Pea Gardens.  

With a technique I learned  from a post over at Heaven's Walk, here's a close up of a clay pot I altered with a free French graphic I found over the The Graphics Fairy.

It's potted up with some fragrant oregano.  I wish I remembered the variety, as I adore the purple shade on the underside of the leaves. 

See my tiny chandelier hanging at the peak?  It holds a rose scented votive candle that adds to the heavenly fragrance in here!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up to.  Hope you have enjoyed your visit as much as I've enjoyed being able to share it with you! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Turn Your Photography Into Art With Easy Canvas Prints

I was so tickled when Brendan from Easy Canvas Prints contacted me to see if I would be interested in writing a product review in exchange for a free canvas made up from one of my images.   All I had to do was pick a photograph that I would like to see printed up on canvas. It was surprising to me just how hard it was to decide, but here was my first choice -- a  winter scene overlooking the golf course right here in Sorrento. To me it felt like something that would translate well on canvas.

Unbeknownst to me, the resolution on the image was far too low for the size print I had chosen, but their Art Department caught it and contacted me right away to let me know.  I was so glad for this important checkpoint in their process!  However, that meant I needed to select another image.   I finally settled on one I had taken while we were out hiking one of our favorite trails in Acadia National Park -- the trail around Jordan Pond. 

Since I already had a frame in mind for my print, I chose the standard 3/4" thick canvas, but a really cool option is to have the image wrapped around a thicker 1-1/2" canvas which I think would look very artful.   I was delighted to discover that Easy Canvas Prints had an option to choose a custom size canvas too, as the size of my frame was not standard. The whole ordering process was so simple and everything is confirmed with you via email right away. I like that. They even notified me when my canvas was being shipped out, including an estimated delivery date along with tracking information, and I noted it came right on time in a  very sturdy and carefully wrapped package.  So here it is all framed and propped up on the ledge of our mantle ready to enjoy. 

What a kick to see one of my photographs on canvas!  It actually reminds me of a painting all framed up like that.  I love it.  Thanks Brendan, this is such a cool product and I would definitely recommend Easy Canvas Prints for their quality product and professional service. 

The image on the print is so sharp and clear, why it seems to have even caught the attention of some local wildlife too!

I've included a link to Easy Canvas Prints over on my sidebar so you can check them out too. So do you have a favorite image that you would like to see captured on canvas? I tell you, the hardest part for me was to choose my image, but the rest of the process was a breeze!