Friday, May 27, 2011


If you asked Henri, he would say it's the most favorite vehicle he's ever owned.  So it was only fitting that I took a picture of it yesterday sitting in our driveway before we left for a 5:30 appointment at the Toyota dealership.  It's a 1997 with 118,000 miles without a speck of rust. 

It's been a couple weeks since we've been out for a walk due to all the rain we've had here lately.  Here are some scenes from our walk tonight. 

Just for fun, we took a different route than what we normally take. 

This is a view from Sorrento Fish & Lobster.  In the foreground is the pen where they keep the lobsters until distribution. 

Near the end of our walk we noticed the fog was starting to roll in over Sorrento Harbor. 

Henri walking away from his beloved truck for the last time last night.  Toyota bought is back due to a failure on the frame.  He was crushed. 

We asked them what they will do with the truck.  We were told it would be crushed. Even though we suspected that was the case, we couldn't help but physically wince a little when we heard it.  On the upside, we were given one and a half times the blue book value for it that will go toward our next used vehicle.  But he really did love that truck. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Been Way Too Long

When a few of you recently checked on me to ask if I was okay, it made me realize how long it had been since I last posted.  And it also made me feel fortunate to know I was missed.  Thank you guys for that!  So in between all the rain we've been having here lately, here are a few shots of the happenings right outside my window.

It's getting awfully green around here. 

Everyone is so hungry! 

Henri found a new use for our raku pottery. 

And from where I sit at my laptop, thanks to Henri I now have some pretty pink flowers planted inside my flower boxes. 

The view as the fog rolled in this morning just before we left for our trip to Bar Harbor. 

So I've been having a food craving ever since I bought these adorable little whoopie pie earrings from Lisa over at Pink Porches.  She hand crafts all sorts of items to look exactly like the real deal over at her Etsy shop, and she does custom orders too!  

The one and only place that has my most favorite edible version of them is Epi's in Bar Harbor.  They are so fresh, individually wrapped in saran wrap.  See it right there on the top of our takeout lunch? 

Objects may appear larger than life when you get to eat the entire whoppie pie all by yourself.  Mmmmm. 

Foggy and misty, it's still a nice day to visit Bar Harbor. 

Gearing up for tourist season there's that certain excitement in the air again around here. 

I just love seeing the old familiar sights and sounds again. 

And belly full we head home, content that all is well in Bar Harbor land.  Let the season begin!  Thanks so much for stopping by to see what's up in our neck of the woods, you really do know how to make a gal feel special, you know!