Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tiny Gift Boxes Ready To Fill

I started out with these tiny little cardboard gift boxes you can pick up at any craft store.

And collected some "moose" moss. That's the pretty moss you can always find hanging from the limbs of dead tree branches here on the coast.

Cranberries, pinecones and a sea shell get laid on a bed of moss.

This moss has a wonderful wispy trait and is such a pretty shade of green.

A few years ago I decorated some of these tiny gift boxes with some family photos.

with some ribbon glued on for trim.

with pine cones, cranberries and some glitter.

To make the glitter stick, I used spray adhesive on the cranberries.
The final touch is just some colorful tissue paper for the inside.
And it's always nice to have a few of these on hand to hold a handmade gift.


Unknown said...

how festive those little boxes are! i love the moss, very clever!

twobusy said...

Lovely! A wreath-maker I know refers to the moss as "reindeer brains" - she tends to get a bit jaded during the wreathing season.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...these are gorgeous and i love the moss...very light and whispy! xo, mickey