Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lavender and Lime (My Embroidered Bird Duvet Cover)

Before we left on our long road trip, I bought a yard of muslin, some lavender embroidery thread and printed off  some free bird templates available here from Martha Stewart.   By the time we had returned from our trip I was finishing up my last square.  Once home, I  bought some paper-backed fusible web and attached them onto a rose print fabric I found in a soft shade of lime. 

I stitched a length of ribbon along all four sides to permanently adhere them to the fabric. 

I just love how the distressed surface of this Terra cotta pot looks with the fabric. 

It holds a  lily of the valley that I will transplant outdoors after this year's last frost date here (around May 11!). 

I had such good luck with my seed started zinnias last year, that when I came across this unique color I just couldn't pass it up.  Perhaps a little dull compared to others, but I have in mind to cut some of these flowers to go in the room with my duvet cover. 

Before we left on our trip I filled 2 biodegradable egg cartons with some seed starter discs, planted a lavender seed in each, watered them well and sat them covered in the refrigerator where (finger's crossed) they will sprout in about 6-8 weeks time.  (Those are my basil sprouts in the foreground.)

Here's the finished duvet cover in our guest bedroom.  I used the same ribbon at the top to secure the comforter inside.

 Before leaving on our trip, I watched the video found here to learn the chain stitch that I used on all 9 of the embroidered squares. 

And the really exciting part for me was that 2 of our 7 grand kids now know how to do this too! This is our 10 year old grandson Michael working on a peace sign.  The other one that learned is our 8 year old granddaughter Grace.   I had so much fun spending time with them doing this. 

In between their trips going fishing with Grandpa that is. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

What We've Been Up To

A trip to Ohio to visit our Grandkids that we are missing so much, now that we're back home. 

Here's the youngest (now walking), with the oldest, who just recently got her driver's license. 

I had to capture my first ride with her.  She looks so much like her Mama at that age that it instantly took me back. 

We even had a birthday celebration while we were there. 

Grandpa likes to assist with anything involving cake.

And before we left, a picture of the whole crew together.  

Then on to Charlotte, NC where we visited Henri's Mom and Sister and dined outside in the glorious weather!

And for all my bloggy friends that live in between the route we traveled, I thought of each and every one of you as we passed through your State on our 2 week trip.   Now I'm off to get caught up with all the posts I've missed from you while we were gone!