Saturday, February 23, 2013


Winter is for nesting.  If you could see the mess I make of our place this time of year you would wonder what was going on.   Whenever I am not quite sure what it is I want to work on, I have a tendency to just pull out everything I feel like working on and scatter it all over our tiny, yet normally uncluttered space.  For the past week I have just left my ironing board up and my sewing machine out.  Just about every horizontal surface is covered with fabrics, yarns, and embroidery supplies along with an assortment of knitting needles and crochet hooks. Even the floor has not been spared, as it is the only place I could find to use my self-healing cutting mat.

But if you will follow me into my kitchen, there is something that I want to show you.  It's a place I have managed to create a little bit of serenity for myself.  Specifically . . . right inside my refrigerator's crisper drawer!

My crisper drawer is the single most efficient space in my household right now and it has become my latest organization obsession.  So here's why.  We eat a fair amount of vegetables, but if I even notice any of that icky slime starting to develop on them, they end up going to waste.   And frankly, it just bothers me when I have to throw out food.  So, I decided to replace all those plastic baggies and containers with a more eco-friendly material that will let our vegetables breathe and stay fresh for a little longer.

I just used  flour sack towels and sewed them into bags of assorted sizes. This is also the perfect material to use for embroidery, so I put a bird on it!

Adding the bird was a little more time consuming, so I decided to experiment with a personalized monogram on a few, which are slated for family and friends.

And so, the nesting will continue for a little while more, because I suspect we are not quite done with winter around here.  But when garden planting time arrives, my little winter nesting activity will assure there will be plenty of my breathable storage bags on hand to keep my harvest garden fresh!  

Instructions for embroidering this simple chain stitch, along with free bird templates are available from Martha Stewart if you just click right here.