Monday, July 29, 2013

Excuses, Excuses

It is somewhat awkward for me to begin a new post after such a long absence.   So here's my excuse.  I live just a couple miles from this scene.  

So this IS my excuse for my long absence.  It is magical here.  So what happens is, days go by and turn into weeks and then months until you realize you are unable to fully capture a fitting photo of your most favorite place in the world that could possibly convey it's essence to anyone who has never visited here.  

But even that does not keep me from trying.  Today there was a fog bank that partially obscured the mountains of Acadia and I was simply beside myself trying in vain to do it justice.  

While I was there today, there were a couple lobster men checking traps.  

These are just everyday scenes of life here, but sometimes one will come along and strike a cord with me and I realize I have been lucky enough to capture someone else's quiet moment returning from a hard day's work.  

It is about the end of the bloom season for the wild beach roses, known as the rosa rugosa.  It seems their blooms are as fleeting as our summers here.  

As you walk along the shore you need not stop to smell the roses, their scent follows you everywhere.  

But anyway, now you know my excuse for such a long interval between my posts.  I remain all wrapped up in my own little world most days taking in all the sights and sounds that we who live here are blessed to behold.  Although apologies may be in order, I will refrain from giving them today and leave you only with my excuses.  Although I admit I have missed you and I hope there are a few of you still around that may see this.