Monday, July 26, 2010

Blending In With Nature

Just before sunset last evening as we sat on a bench at the Village Green in Sorrento, we almost failed to notice we were not alone.

I was so happy he stuck around long enough for me to capture a shot of him in his natural environment.

Today we packed a picnic lunch and headed out in search of a quiet spot to once again commune with nature. It's always a good idea to pack a little snack to tide you over.

Just in case it takes a while to unpack the picnic basket and get things set up.

And it's always a nice gesture to share.

In case you notice any peanut lovers nearby.

Like, really nearby.

Just in case.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

If You Want To Capture Someone's Attention


As the saying goes . . .

. . . just whisper.

If you want to capture an up close shot of an eagle . . .

. . . just use your zoom lens

like I did today, just before sunset

right here in Sorrento.

Thank goodness I brought my camera with me today. I'm learning to never leave home without it. How about you?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If Ever You Find Yourself In The Area

I invite you to visit me in my little funky shop by the sea (also known as one bay of our garage).

Like this happy honeymooning couple did today! Rachel and Matt were just married on Saturday and had contacted me several months ago from a feature post that my sweet blog friend Kat at Low Tide High Style did on us. They hope to also get into pottery making some day and were interested in stopping by to see our pottery in person. Aren't they adorable? Can you tell they were just married?

I must warn you though, I don't have set hours, and I'm almost never open, but if you find yourself planning a trip here, I'd love to meet you, so just email me like Rachel did. Usually I can be found somewhere around here though, like on the shore collecting shells and sea glass to keep making other stuff to put in my shop that I'm rarely in.

And whenever we make any new pottery, the shop is a place to keep it.

Then when I'm in the car and Henri is driving, I like to knit and so I keep making these hand knit wool felted purses that end up in here too. Or some funky kind of driftwood hanging rack. Sometimes I even bring home vintage paintings of the sea and hang them in the shop that I rarely open.

My hand knit wool felted scarves end up here too, along with bird houses that I cover in shells. I even have a few vintage earrings and trinkets that I scatter around here and there.

I've been known to add shells to the frames of vintage paintings that I come across, and then paint them up in whatever colors I find in my paint box.

And I almost always get a little carried away with the glitter.

So if you visit, you will likely get some on you too, and we'll have fun!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Launch Day

Yesterday's launch of Fearless.

Henri heading to the dock to pick me up.

Once on board, we take a test drive around the harbor. It's good to be back out among all the other smiling faces.

We had a gorgeous day for launching.

And a good friend was aboard to make sure the installation of our recently rebuilt transmission needed no adjustments. Because we tend to be a little "boat numb" at times.

By the time the sun was setting on Sorrento Harbor all was well with Fearless.

Here she is back on her mooring where we are very happy to have her.

We are so blessed to experience such wonderful times such as these.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Time In 100 Years

Here's the window display from a shop on Main Street in Bar Harbor to welcome President Obama as the first President to visit here since President Taft's visit in 1910.

This past Friday President Obama arrived at the Bar Harbor Airport and we were there to see it in person.

We watched as his motorcade made it's way past us on the way to Acadia National Park.

We spent both Friday and Saturday in and around Bar Harbor trying to get a glimpse of him, but all we saw was just evidence that he was in the area.

We learned that he took a hike, visited a lighthouse, took a boat ride, ate lobster and stopped for ice cream at the place pictured below. By my calculations, I believe we missed him by like 5 minutes.

Even though I didn't get to capture a photo of him for you, here's what the scenery was like for his visit here.

All and all it was an exciting experience just knowing our President was here and enjoying a little time in our area.

So instead of a close up of President Obama, I give you a close up of my Henri.

The same Henri that DID get a glimpse of him, but did not get a picture, even though I handed him the camera while he was standing up on a fire hydrant. But that's okay, there's always next time.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today On Donnell Pond

This morning we decided to pack a picnic lunch and explore a nearby lake we had never been to before.

This makes Henri smile.

There is very little development on this lake because it is designated as Maine public reserved land.

The lake was like glass today.

It was so quiet here. (Except for the sound of our boat engine of course.)

This scene kind of reminds me of an alligator.

We pulled up to a sand beach to enjoy our picnic.

We had the place to ourselves.

It was a little like we were on a deserted island.

Even the woods behind our picnic table were magical.

Maine, the way life should be.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fog Chaser

Sorrento Harbor today in the fog.

The inspiration for my latest creation.

A hand knitted, wool felted scarf, I call "fog chaser."

As an afterthought today, I added the vintage pearl buttons to the center of the felted roses.

I had to show restraint with adding too many roses though.

They were so much fun to make, so I added one to this mini "fog chaser" bag.

With a vintage earring added to the center.

A felted rose "fog chaser" pin, to safely make your way home in the fog.

On a day such as today.

Henri in his "fog chaser" t-shirt. At least now we have an explanation of why he owns 2 of them.

This evening's "fog chaser" dessert.

Blueberry cupcakes. The perfect end to a fog filled day in Maine. What inspired you today?