Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Mother

I was recently tagged by Only Onedia to write a post about 5 reasons why I love being a mother.

Reason #1: Being forever a part of a family unit of 4 that has expanded over the years to include several grandchildren, a couple of which remind us of our daughters all over again. Time passed so fast when they were still at home, that it is a special treat to watch it unfold again through the eyes of a grandmother.

Jennifer's daughter Grace

Angie's daughter Alivia

Reason #2: The chance to experience being a mother in law and having 2 very gracious son in laws that I know cherish our daughters.

Jennifer's husband Joey

Angie's husband Danny Mac

Reason #3: Being called "grandma" (by the grandchildren) just melts my heart. Anyone else . . . don't go there.

Reason #4: I learn so much from both of our daughters. I admire how they do the things at their age that I did at my age and make it appear effortless and are able to accomplish so much more than I ever did. How did they get so darn good at everything?

Reason #5: Still being married to their father today and for me to have been able to legally adopt my 2 lovely daughters.

You see, over 25 years ago, and just a couple months after I met their father, I was very blessed to have these two precious girls look up at me with their sweet little faces and ask me if they could call me "mom." What a gift they gave me that day.

I love you two with all my heart.

Cincinnati and "The Macs"

After visiting our oldest daughter Jennifer, husband Joey and family we drove south to Cincinnati to visit our youngest daughter Angie and her husband Danny Mac. They actually live in Kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati. They are expecting our next granddaughter in September!

If you ask Alivia what her new baby sister's name is, she will tell you

Emerson "Emmy" Rose.

Snapping quick shots from the car window here is

5th Street

Fountain Square

Procter & Gamble World Headquarters

A quick trip across to Covington, Kentucky to view Cincinnati skyline.

A very realistic lifesize statue along the Ohio river.

Our grandson Michael posing with another statue along the river.

Our favorite Cincinnati DJ .... Danny Mac

Cincinnati's 94.9 The Wolf

Listen live here

A picture with both our daughters taken in Cincinnati before we head back to Maine.

It was a great road trip and we will miss them all until their next trip to Maine.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reel Fun

It was a good day for fishing at the horse farm.
They sure were biting today.

Grace was the first to reel one in

Then Michael

Grandpa Henri left his fishing poles in Maine

But that didn't stop him fishing.
Nice bass Grandpa.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter With the Whole Crew

Easter Day arrives with even more of our family to celebrate!

Presenting some of our favorite budding artists.
This is Michael, our oldest grandson. He arrived last night with his sister Alivia.

Alivia is serious about her art.

And you remember Grace.

And Ava.

They begin with a blank canvas...lots of eggs...cups of dye...and sparkles for effect.

And this is their art!

Later, the Hunt begins . .

And here's what they found!

Happy Easter From the Whole Crew!

And what's Easter without a bunny!

Abedia, Abedia, That's All Folks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Midwest Treasures

This is Grace out for a walk with Emma

Grace looks so much like her mommy.

She has a very beautiful room.

Her mommy is very talented, just look how she painted Grace's wall.

This is Ava. She has tea parties in her room and loves her purple bunny.

Mommy painted Ava's wall too!

The birdies are painted on the wall next to Ava's bed.

Ava loves to hang out with Grandpa Henri.

And here is Noah hanging out with his mommy.

And waiting for daddy to take him for a ride on the Gator.

Noah's room reminds mommy and daddy of where they were married in Maine.

Emma has never been to Maine....yet.

We think she looks ready for a road trip.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Road Trip

There sure is a lot of commotion around here

I see some yummy snacks being packed

This can only mean one thing . . .

Road Trip!

Stay tuned . . . I saw my mom pack her camera . . . are we there yet?