Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Winter Has Been Gentle

This morning as I stood by the window snapping a few pics,  I noticed that the plumage of our little American Goldfinches is already starting to brighten a bit.  Although, it may just be wishful thinking on my part. 

Off in the distance I heard the familiar sound of our chainsaw and decided to bring my camera outside while I caught up to Henri.  It was surprisingly mild and so I took a little look around dreaming of when I may get back into the garden.  

These dewy branches are the last remains of the dusting of snow we received late last night.

During our walk today, it was a little hazy looking across Frenchman's Bay where I noticed there was still a faint bit of snow left on the mountains of Acadia.  I never tire of this view.

We noticed these gulls out on the lichen-covered ledge taking a mid-morning snooze.  We made sure to tiptoe by, so as to not wake them.  Not that they would ever return the favor, but after all they did provide an appreciated photo-op on this hazy morning.

Back at home, another birdie serves as sentinel to my tiny backyard greenhouse that I am just itching to get back into.

A little reminder to me that as gentle as the Winter has been so far, it would behoove me to not let my guard down quite yet.  Nevertheless, the softening ground had me eager to get back into my rubber boots.

 Mud season, I'm all ready for you now!  Anyone else getting a good case of Spring fever too?  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Night in the Neighborhood

Since the winter solstice we have gained about an hour of daylight in the evening, so we find ourselves once again enjoying this time of day for our walks.  

If only we were as tall and thin as our shadows make us look this time of year. That's me on the left and Henri is carrying his walking stick on his right side.  Notice the lack of snow around these parts for this time year.  

Here it comes, that warm glow of the setting sun starting to work its magic on these bare branches.  

The reflections in the water are incredible and it's hard for me to capture the beauty of what I see in person.

It's the end of the workday for these sternmen headed back to the shore.  Their commute takes them right into the setting sun.  

And then, as the sun sinks closer to the horizon a few boats in the harbor take on the eerie sight of a fire at sea.

Thus concludes the end of another beautiful walk and the beginning of a quiet Friday evening 'round these parts.  Thanks for stopping by to visit, and if you're a sports fan I surely hope your team wins this weekend, as long as you're rooting for the right one that is.  GO PATS!  [For the record, I am not a sports fan, but I can appreciate those that are, and so for my sweet friend Jeanne, this one was for you.]

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

frenchmans bay tea co.

It's time I introduce my new blog to you and invite you to come take a look at what living in a small town on the coast of Maine can do to your mind during these long cold winter months.  Yep, it's official, I have succumbed to a fantasy land where I dream up places that exist only in my imagination. Thus, I've blended my desire for sweet desserts, hot cups of tea, dreamy garden spaces and some much needed retail therapy and rolled it all up into a new exciting (for me) place where I can explore this wild imaginary dream I have.

Come on over for a few minutes and step into my dream world where I plan to give my imagination full reign.   You can find me here: