Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spectacular Little Moments

Sunrise captured by Henri as he quietly welcomes the day enjoying his morning coffee.  

The sweetness of an American Goldfinch having breakfast outside our window.  

While standing at my kitchen window, I notice the sun illuminating a crucifix on a cemetery statuary across the street.    It was my first time ever to see this happen.  

   Taken inside the cemetery, here is a close-up of the crucifix.

A lustrous tea cup unexpectedly and very recently given to me by a friend. 

My treat at the close of the day, is to drink my own home-made version of Venetian Hot Chocolate from it.  

Taken in the fading daylight, my image of it leaves room for improvement, but the dark, rich chocolate inside is heavenly.  

And yet another beautiful day in Maine draws to a close leaving me content just to be here.