Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lost in a Sea of Lupines

Right now in Sorrento, the lupines are the star of the show. 

After 2 days of cold and rain I brought my camera on today's walk to try and capture them while the sun was still out. 

We were busy discussing our neighborhood's annual bulky trash pick-up scheduled for this weekend, when we saw something that took us both by surprise. 

You're going to think it sounds a little Peyton Place-like if I don't explain it right though.  

So here goes.  There is this couple we know that were for a long time not together anymore.  And today while we were out walking, they drove past us smiling and waving, just like it was old times.  It felt good to see that.

Between the scent of the lupines (I think they smell like patchouli) and the sea roses, I almost failed to notice the pile of cast off items way up ahead of us. 

Items that were put out for the bulky trash pick up that is scheduled for this weekend.  So just what is this bulky trash pick up you ask?  What it is, is pure delight.  Everyone in Sorrento gets to dispose of items they no longer want and are too bulky for a normal trash pick up.   Most of the items kicked to the curb never actually get picked up by the garbage truck.  It becomes more of a neighborhood swap and anyone is welcome to anything they can find in each other's bulky trash.  The good stuff goes fast.  Like this painting we spotted tonight.  It's not quite finished though, but I was instantly drawn to it and immediately recognized the spot in Sorrento where it was painted. 

Henri's spur of the moment reaction to seeing that couple together again.   

Amidst the salt air, lupines and roses, it really is a lovely place to be in love. 

And to get the chance to lay claim to a discarded treasure for your very own too.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Scenes From Our Sunday Hike With Friends

 We started off with a leisurely stroll at Asticou Azalea Garden in Northeast Harbor.   

Well, actually after a hardy brunch we got as far as the parking lot before we dug into our little white bakery take out bags. 

Ever notice how fresh air makes you hungry?

The day was glorious, yet still a bit chilly in the shade. 

But we had places to go and things to see. 

Maintenance had to be called in at one point though. 

When someone made a footprint in the Japanese Zen garden. 

At least that's what I think I saw happen.  Not that I have any incriminating evidence. 

As you see, I was too busy taking pictures.  

Creating enough havoc in the garden for one day, we decided to head over to Acadia to do the 3 mile loop around Jordan Pond. 

I'm not saying we had a "whiner" with us, but at one point I heard him muttering about his leg being broken and that there was no way this was only 3 miles.  (We found it best just to ignore him.)  What would we do without our Danny constantly entertaining us though?  We love you man!

We did a lot of picture taking and posing against this gorgeous backdrop. 

Henri checking the water temp.  Still cold. 

A rustic bridge at the half way point. 

View from the bridge looking up from the right. 

Oh I almost forgot this shot Diane took of us posing at Northeast Harbor at the beginning of our day. You can just make out the tight grip Henri has on that white bakery bag. 

What a great time we had enjoying a hike with friends. 

  And communing with nature.