Friday, June 29, 2012

Finding Comfort

You all have helped me so much to find comfort after the loss of my beloved parrot Simon with your many comments, correspondence and words of encouragement.   Thank you so much for that.  And, for your patience with me finding my way back into blog land again.  I am way overdue to visit with each of you again and I plan to remedy that in the days to come.  

Until recently, it had been a long while since I last picked up my camera.  So long in fact, that my tulips were still in bloom.   Back when it was early spring.  

And I had yet to plant my white geraniums in my cherub flower pots that reside at the entrance of my tiny greenhouse.

The day that I actually picked up my camera again, this is one of the first photos I took.  It was not until I got home and saw this photo that I realized what this gull was up to.  It was a lucky shot indeed.  Like a gift to remind me of the simple beauty in everyday events that are always unfolding all around us.

So lately, I have gotten back into the habit of picture taking.  And Henri and I have been going fishing too.

Although I may not divulge our favorite fishing hole, I will tell you it is a lake somewhere in Acadia National Park.  It has been a very healing experience for me there.

And at the end of the day we even end up with something good for dinner.

They are called brook trout and they are very tasty.  Here's a closer picture of our catch.

In case you wonder, it was me that scored the largest catch of the day.  In fact, I even caught the smallest one you see right there too. Said another way, Henri caught the one in the middle.  I suppose I could have just told you that to begin with.  But either way, it makes for a fine looking trio...don't you think?  


It sure feels good to be back posting again.  Thank you all for bearing with me and for all your support in my continued healing.