Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Post Where You Learn That I Can Really Talk Up A Blue Streak

After selling our lobster boat, Fearless, I had been struggling with continuing on with this blog.  Because after all Fearless was the whole inspiration for my blog title.  Then out of the clear blue I received what I believe was the answer I was looking for in the form of 2 separate emails from 2 very lovely ladies whom I have never met, nor even knew were reading my blog.  Their emails came in within a day of each other, the first from Georgia, and the second one from Las Vegas.  I must tell you they were both so encouraging and complimentary to me, that I decided right then and there that this was the sign I had been looking for, never even realizing it would come to me with such clarity!   So I suppose what I'm trying to say is, it looks like y'all are stuck with me now.  Thank you Linda and Kathleen!!

So on to the fun stuff that's been happening around here.  Just last week I met Kate from the lovely blog she writes known as Chronicles of a Country Girl.  I was just so giddy and wound up to finally meet her, as I have been such a fan of her writing and photography since I first found her here in blog land.  I liked her instantly, and so did Henri AND our parrot Simon who never lets anyone but me pet him.  Before I could even warn her about that, we discovered he just calmly sat right there on his perch while she reached over to pet him!

When Kate asked to take a picture of Henri and I, we couldn't help but feel a little special watching her photograph us.  Let me tell you, that lady knows her way around a camera and we felt a little wowed by seeing her in action. I noticed that Kate really didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but rather she was selective of what she photographed and I thought that was so cool, since I think she instinctively knows just where to stand and just what to capture when.  I so enjoyed every single minute I got to spend with her! 

Oh and then my Mom even got to meet her.  My former "blog shy" Mom, who unexpectedly gave me permission to post a picture of her now.  I think meeting Kate in person convinced her that blog friends are normal, harmless people after all and are really not the axe murderers we often worry are lurking out there.   So,  here is my first ever blog-shared pic of my Mom and my step Dad sitting high atop Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park, where we recently went together when my step Brother was visiting from Florida. 

I really adore this shot I got of my step Dad digging into his long awaited lobster dinner after having dragged them around all day sight seeing.  If you only knew how much he enjoys a good lobster! 

And here's a shot of my step Brother Karl at a lovely place known as Grindstone Neck.  He's right down there on the shore taking in the last bit of that cool ocean breeze on the last day of his visit before heading back into Florida's much steamier climate. 

Some scenes from Seawall in Acadia National Park where we recently went for a picnic.  You just couldn't get a better view like this in even the most upscale of restaurants.  I always revel at the thought that I can sit and gaze out on vistas such as this while we are dining.  And to think the scenes are free for the taking! 

Going back even further, here are a couple shots I took while visiting our newly organized local Farmer's Market right up the road from us.  I was struck by the artistry of the vendors and their offerings.  A simple display of organic eggs.  Notice the subtle difference in shades. 

And some early lettuce, vividly accented with a delicious sprinkling of edible violas. 

So for now, I'll leave you with a scene from right here in Sorrento. 

And I encourage you to pop over to a recent post Kate wrote after her visit here.  I thought it was so lovely, and not just because she included images of me and Henri there, but because I simply admire looking at  Sorrento from what she was able to capture through her lens. 

If you're still reading this, I thank you for sticking with me and perhaps if I just post more often I won't feel the need to stuff so much into one post.  But for now, you're almost caught up with our goings on.  Just wait 'til you see the tiny backyard greenhouse that Henri and I just finished putting together today.  But first, we're off on the never ending search for a good used truck to replace the one that Toyota recently bought back from us due to a frame recall.  More about that later!  Did I tell you how good it feels to be back on here blogging?  Thank you all so much for encouraging me with the comments you always leave me! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Better As A Memory

After enjoying 3 seasons with our lobster boat Fearless, we made the decision to say goodbye to her. We sold her yesterday to a commercial lobsterman who will fish with her out of Gouldsboro Harbor.

So turn up your speakers and have a listen to my first ever video compiled from images I have taken over the past 3 seasons.   We remain truly humbled to have been given this opportunity and are so blessed to have been able to learn and experience all the joys and discoveries recreational lobstering on the coast of Maine can afford.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The High Point of Our Summer

Henri and me posing with our daughters this past week.   

This is the first time in several years they have come here together at the same time.  Here's the view from the summer house they rented right here in Sorrento named Highpoint

Our oldest daughter Jen and her family.

Our youngest daughter Angie and her family.

The youngest grandchild is 22 mos., but that didn't stop us from all going on a 3 mile hike together. 

A good friend of mine that I have known since high school was here visiting as well, so there were 16 of us all together on that hike.  Our 4 year old grandson Noah bringing up the rear.  I'm so proud of all of the little ones for being able to complete the not so easy hike around Jordan Pond with us. 

During their week long visit we only had a couple overcast days, but that didn't stop the little ones from wanting to go swimming at this local lake known as Flanders Pond.  The water was cold and the air was only about 60 degrees that day, but another beautiful memory was made. 

Our oldest daughter and their Yorkie, Emma in Bar Harbor where we all went to go shopping and eat ice cream. 

More hiking together on Ship Harbor Trail in Acadia.  Little Emerson Rose had the best seat in the house on the trails. 

And right across from the summer house rental was another great seat. 

Our oldest daughter Jen out collecting buttercups for the summer house on the first day they arrived. 

Our son-in-law Danny Mac finds some perfectly frosted sea glass on the shore. 

Our son-in-law Joey taking a boat ride with our grandson "Captain" Noah. 

Our grandson Michael found a metal toy tank while out hunting for sea glass. 

Our grand daughter Taylor found one of the best pieces of sea glass I have ever seen here in Sorrento.  It's purple with an impressed pattern.  And check out that pretty piece of blue and white china she found too.  The 7up piece in the photo above was also one of her finds. 

Tonight Sorrento is just not the same here without them all. 

It's always so hard saying goodbye to them at the end of their stay and I can't even tell you how very lonely it is here tonight without them.