Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Do You Sea?

October winds make for good beachcombing.

And for finding unusual pieces of driftwood.

I see an alligator in this one.

Today, when I found this one, it reminded of the head of a cardinal or blue jay. And it fits nicely in an old glass bottle.

Although pretty, this is not real sea glass. Can you tell?

This sea glass bears the unmistakeable mark of the ocean.

Beachcoming for me, has become far more exciting than any mall could ever be!

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Piecefulafternoon said...

Ohh I love the blue jay head. Driftwood is one of my favorites - though we haven't been out lately to find any. I have one huge piece that looks like a whale diving. We found it on a beach on an island near here and stuffed it in our station wagon that we had at the time. It went from the back of the station wagon up through and between the front seats. We had to go on the ferry like that and we were worried that they would take it way from us - but we made it home. It sits at the end of our house where it can be seen from the street.