Monday, October 19, 2009

Making a Mussel Shell Wreath

Today I got out my hot glue gun and grabbed my stash of mussel shells to see if I could figure out how to make a wreath with them. I sorted out all my shells, lining them up into 2 rows of graduated sizes pointing the same way.

This is the wreath form that I decided to use.

I used the largest shells first and began overlapping them according to the direction they were pointing to make my first pass around the wreath form.

After that, I just kept layering the shells to cover the rest of the form,
until I was pleased with the layout. I added a bow and used 3 white shells at the top to give it interest, randomly placing a few of the smallest mussel shells to the final layer. But I still felt it needed something more.

So, to bring out the color of the mussel shells, I sprayed the entire wreath with a clear sealer. And then, while it was still wet, I decided to sprinkle some glitter over the top.

That's what was missing! The deeper blue color reminds me of how mussel shells turn when they are covered with water.

And the sparkle? Why, that must be from all the salt in the ocean!


Filled with Love said...

Reminds me of two Seals Dancing. Lovely...

Mickey Johnson said...

...i love it. i love anything made with shells. i have an old sailor's valentine box that is one of my absolute treasures...besides my new raku vase i bought from you of course...i love it! xo, mickey

Piecefulafternoon said...

I love the idea of the glitter with the spray - it really brings out the colors.

Anonymous said...

We often holiday on the west coast of Namibia over Christmas - and this wreath will be so easy to make with the abundunce of shells lying around.
How were they fixed to the base and the other shells - glue?

Fearless Nester said...

To Anonymous re: your question about how the shells were affixed to the wreath form. I just used my hot glue gun for the entire project.