Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Chores

Someone has to do them.
I'm glad that cleaning out the chimney is Henri's chore.

And he does it so well. Here's a bucket full of creosote for his efforts.

He also finished tucking in Fearless for the Winter.

Looks like there's some future creosote that needs stacking Henri. Ok then, maybe I could handle this one since you've handled all the rest.

A post stacking, pre-shower glamour shot I took of myself, very happy to be finished!

And it's still daylight with plenty of time left to enjoy this beautiful autumn day in Maine!

Our burning bush is still vibrant.

As is this maple tree.

Even after several frosts, our front flowerboxes are somehow still hanging in there.

My last bit of fading hydrangeas we can now enjoy from inside.

Along with a good night's rest for me and my favorite hardworking guy.


Piecefulafternoon said...

It is so nice to get those fall chores done - we still have to clean the gutters but the cleaning attatchment that we wanted was out of stock so we are waiting for the truck to come in this Wed and bring more - then watch out gutters. Don did clean and rearrange the shed today - and swept the leaves off the walkways and porch - I baked bread and made a big pan of enchiladas - good fall stuff too.

Full of Love said...

Looks like a productive day. I hope you treated yourself to a piece of chocolate or two or three...