Friday, October 23, 2009

Recycled Art Becomes Raku Mosaic

This used to hang in my kitchen. But night before last, I decided I could use it for an experiment. Wonder if I could make a mosaic with it?

Enter some of our cracked raku pots, a hammer, a towel and some safety glasses.

That was quite fun!

I was still a little nervous about ruining a perfectly good piece of artwork, that someone in China had made. I sat down to think about this for a little bit. And I had a piece of chocolate. (Okay, I had 3. )

Oh look at that, I'll call it Full Moon.

Ok, add some whole raku fish to my bits of broken raku shards and start glueing them down on top of the full moon.

By this morning, it was ready to add the grout. Here we go.

Here's the almost finished piece. Still have to let it cure, clean it up a bit and then add a sealer.

Oh I'm so glad I like it.

Because I didn't know how I was going to scrape all that hardened grout off, if I didn't.


Full of Love said...

WOW!!!! Thanks, I needed some creative energy. Working on Campaign you know what. I Love You.

Mickey Johnson said... how it turned are so creative and full of energy...could it be the chocolat? :) xo, mickey

Elenka said...

Good idea!! See how chocolate helps our everyday decisions? I knew it was true.
Remember, therapy works, but chocolate is cheaper.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh I like it too. I grew up in Alaska as a fisherman's daughter and that piece really speaks to me - it has the feel of the ocean. Wonderful!!!