Friday, October 30, 2009

A Walk In The Park

Today we went to Acadia National Park and took a walk around Jordan Pond.

The twin mountains are known as the Bubbles.

On about 1 mile of the 3 mile trail there is a boardwalk to protect the fragile eco-system below.

On parts of the trail, you are surrounded by mountains.

It's so peaceful here.

At one end of the lake you cross a couple rustic built bridges.

This place gives such a feeling of serenity.

In the summer you can sit out on the lawn at the Jordan Pond House and enjoy popovers as you gaze out at the view of the Bubbles.

This is the view from the Jordan Pond House lawn.

We are so fortunate to live very close to this place and are very grateful to be able to enjoy it numerous times throughout the year.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely trip - outstanding photos. I love those mountains made of big chunks of stone that look like they are piled up - we have that same sort of mountain here in NW WA - right now I forget the name - but I do love them!!

Mickey Johnson said...

...thanks for taking us on this little jaunt to such a lovely place. i hope to visit it in person one day! have a happy halloween! xo, mickey

Filled with Love said...

I wish I was there.....