Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Dreams

The other night on my way to bed, I noticed a glowing spot on the living room carpet from where the kitchen light cast a shadow on the living room floor. When I noticed the shape, it made me smile, because this was the place our sweet dog Bo used to sleep at night.

Although I know this photo is of the throw that is draped across the chair that now occupies this spot

In my mind, it looks like the silhouette of our Bo still laying there on the floor with his left ear up next to the glowing heart.


Lisa T. said...

After my golden retriever, Chet, passed away 5 years ago, for the first six months I would see him run by the window, and I would step over him when I came down the stairs. He was always right there, beyond where I could see. When I turned to look he'd be gone. They sure do carve a spot in your heart don't they?


Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

For the longest time after Miss Kitty passed away we would see her sitting by the rocking chair.