Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Maine I Love

First, an article in today's paper for your reading pleasure.

One of my favorite maps of Maine is of Mount Desert Island. That's where Acadia National Park is located. I'm slightly obsessed with this map as I have posted about it before here. Today I thought of another way to display it in my home. I printed out a copy of this map on half of an old manilla folder.

Grabbed my lighter

And set it on fire!

After I blew out the flame, it left a nice crispy edge.

I took some liquid gold leaf to the charred edges and with a few other embellishments, I mounted it to a plain black board to use as wall art for my kitchen.

The sea glass is positioned atop the town of Bar Harbor.

And here's further proof I'm obsessed with this map. About 6 years ago, I used a marine chart I purchased for $20 and polyurethened it onto the top of a round table. I topped it with glass I had cut by the local glass shop and it's still one of my most favorite pieces of furniture!

And yes, we marked it with a You Are Here "X" . . . just in case!

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Piecefulafternoon said...

LOvely projects. I too am obsessed with maps. I am decoupaging nautical charts of our area to the tops of wooden TV trays - and then putting a rope border around the edges. Not done yet, but little by little.