Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spending Time At The Wheel

I spent some time on the wheel today.

Here's a lump of clay I used

that ended up as this simple bowl.

We always have leftover scraps of clay that are too soft to throw.

So that's what I use for my hand built pieces, so it doesn't go to waste.

After a piece is made, there are still several more steps before it is complete. It has to dry for several days before it gets bisque fired. After this, the piece will be ready to be glazed and then can receive the final firing in the raku kiln.

Pottery making is definitely not for the impatient.


Piecefulafternoon said...

Definitely not for the impatient. It is interesting how one looks at crafting and art. I make quilts that take months and sometimes a whole year, and then I look at the art of pottery and think I don't have the patience.

Wonderful fish, by the way.

full of love said...

Have you ever thought of making pumpkins out of Raku pottery (with cut-outs for the eyes and nose)? You could make a creative lid and put a candle inside? Just curious.... I bet they would illuminate beautifully!!!

Fearless Nester said... always have the best ideas!! I love how you always find new uses for our pottery too. Thanks for reading my posts, cos I know you're a very busy girl! Me and your dad are enjoying all your comments!!!