Sunday, October 18, 2009

Left To Our Own Devices We Could Have Done This For Hours

Right before last night's dinner, I dug out a tiny kit of wire and jewelry parts I had bought at a local craft store and our daughter Jennifer, quickly fashioned this beautiful piece of aqua sea glass she had found this week, into a beautiful necklace. Then we were both hooked, standing at the kitchen counter in between making last night's dinner together, happily bending wires and fastening chains, displaying our beachcombing treasures for the rest of the family to see.
Here's a heart shaped piece Jen found that I had fun turning into a necklace.
And to my delight, it was quickly spoken for, just as soon as it was completed!

Jennifer created this beautiful bracelet by wrapping silver wire around a few pieces in varying shades of deep green.

This is how is looks on her.

We still had plenty more sea glass, but had run out of jewelry parts to make any more treasures together. Plus, we knew it was time to get dinner on the table and there would be an early morning trip to the airport to be ready for.

As I write this tonight, I can hear it starting to rain outside, and this morning's trip to the airport seems like ages ago. And, as I'm sure you'll guess, it suddenly seems all too quiet in our house without them.


Filled with Love said...

There is no doubt that time is our most precious thing to behold. And in our short time together we found treasures, we smiled, we loved and we made beautiful memories. I can't wait to see what you are up to tomorrow! I know you will be making the BEST of YOUR TIME!!!!

Piecefulafternoon said...

What lovely memories - pieces of wonder to hold in your hearts forever.