Monday, October 5, 2009

Romancing the Chowdah

Freshly scrubbed potatoes I dug up from my garden

become an ingredient in the meal that I made today.

A simple bowl of fish chowder with thick, crusty slices of warm buttered bread.

Tales of old sailors and sea lore, filled with mythical creatures are imagined as we dine in the room where our charming tin seahorse hangs out.

Behind our backs, on the bench where we sit, are words that speak of our love of the sea.

Our glowing candle lit wall sconce adds a touch of romance.

In our tiny nook right here in our kitchen, with a mirrored porthole for our view.

Such a cozy spot we have, all within reach of another bright garden harvest.

And a quick way to pull down the shade.

I just love spending time in my tiny kitchen by the sea!


Elenka said...

Are you going to share the recipe???
I hope so!

Fearless Nester said...

Elenka, I really never make it the same way, but just unsalted butter, maybe some olive oil, onions, new red potatoes, haddock or what have you, sea salt and black pepper. I don't use salt pork or bacon, as others may prefer, instead I use veg broth for the base. Then at the end top it off with some half and half or cream. Not much to it. Oh and it's always better on day 2.

Queenie said...

All of your blogs leave me hungry for more....literally!!!

Piecefulafternoon said...

I just love hanging out in your kitchen too - and I'll have a nice bowl of chowder please.