Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lobster Saving and Sea Glass Hunting 101

First you start with a lobster that someone caught in a trap,

and, of course, a girl with a heart.

Always get someone else to remove the bands from the lobster's claws for you... safety first. Then you carefully place the lobster back into the ocean.

When you realize the tide is going out and the lobster keeps trying to swim ashore . . .

You go to Plan "B"

Because afterall, you're going to need an empty bucket for beachcombing.

Always remember. . .the stinky things go into the bucket.

And the pretty things you can hold in your hands.

Remember to always let Mom sort them out for you.

To keep them from falling back on the shore.

Because Moms have much bigger hands for that.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

will you STOP throwing back keepers!Gracie is an angel-but you have 25.000 invested in a boat that give free rides to lobsters then lets them go home! You all do it! Stop fishing for lobster and do your art work that you do so well . quit playing with lobsters!and i love seeing your family!
you guys are (as tony the tiger says(GREAT!!!)