Monday, February 3, 2014

Surviving Winter

It's good to get out out of the house, even just to go ice-fishing with my sweetie, like this past Friday on Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park.  

A close-up of drilling the first hole through the ice.  Each license holder is allowed 5 holes a piece.  It was so blustery though, that we only did 3 and then sat in the car to watch for flags to pop up -- an indicator that you may have caught something.

For reference this is the kind of fish we were hoping to catch.  Here's Henri posing with a brook trout caught in a much warmer month in Acadia.

Our picnic lunch during ice fishing was a salad of baby spinach and blackened salmon.  Turns out it was the only fish we laid eyes on for all of our efforts out on the ice.

The next day I made eclairs for us.

From scratch.  Sometimes I even surprise myself.

I will leave you with a peek of the napkins I sewed up from a few yards of fabric a few weeks ago.

It was during a particularly brutal part of the polar vortex we all seem to be experiencing around the country this year. So tell me, how are you surviving winter?


Heaven's Walk said...

Oh Lili....I just LOVED seeing more outdoor pics of your beautiful state! Those mountains behind Henri are just breathtaking! Now I reeeeally want to take a vacation in Acadia!!! And chocolate elcaires....?? My FAV!!! lol I'm whining and groaning my way through this brutal winter. Ready for it to be over over over! :)

xoxo laurie

Studio Yuko Jones said...

Wow, Lili, you have many talents! The eclairs look amazing and makes me want to bake some myself (I love baking!) And those napkins are so pretty. Ice-fishing is not my cup of tea though. As soon as temperature goes below 20, I hibernate until spring (I refuse to go outside of the house unless it's absolutely necessary.) Stay warm! ox

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Beautiful photos - but oh so cold. If I tell you that we are having "cold" weather you shall laugh out loud, but it is cold to us. It won't get above freezing all week, and the lows will be around 12 - that makes us soggy Pacific Northwesters shiver and shake. We are lucky we don't freeze into icicles with all the water we usually have here. But it is sunny and beautiful - and no one is complaining. We've generally had a very mild winter - not nearly the amount of snow as some years, and barely any rain - probably it will make up for this in the spring and drown us in rain - which is ok too - I love the rain.

Oh I love the pretty napkins - such soft colors.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Looks so cold . . . Lili you guys do so many different things. I'm loving all the adventure, keeps it fun and interesting for sure. Chocolate elcaires look delic! Stay warm xo

Crown of Beauty said...

I always love your posts, Lili... the lunch you ate looks yummy... and the eclairs! Wow, I would love to get a recipe so I can try making it. It was very cold the last month of my stay in Virginia (was there for for four months), and I left a week after the first polar vortex struck the Northeast. My flight was delayed or cancelled twice, and was glad to get a flight out (from Detroit) before the snowstorms came again , as even more flights were impacted after that. God just gave me a window of opportunity to fly out. Keep warm, dear friend!

FARRAGOZ Notebook ~ the how, what, where of hunting for & recreating the best patina said...

Oh my, it looks awfully cold there! Wish I could package some of our heat and mail it to you, Lili!

Country Girl said...

So surprised that I missed this post and it's nearly 2 months old. Love it! And those eclairs look fabulous, Lili. Looking forward to seeing you this summer ~