Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Birds

The enjoyment of a Maine Summer is all the sweeter knowing you can handle a brutal Maine Winter, much like we've been having this year.  Henri plans to eventually turn us into snow birds, but for now, I'm content to enjoy the bright spots of our winters.

I'm reminded of an old Maine expression that goes:  "If you can't take the Winter, you don't deserve the Summer." 

Guess I'll have to come up with a retort for that when we eventually head South for the winters. 

So that's why I've decided to take lots of pictures showing I do indeed deserve the summers.    

Although the birds are the ones doing the enduring, as I sit inside by a cozy woodstove with my camera.

I'm not saying we've completely lost it with this year's huge amount of snowfall, but secretly we think the starlings mean to taunt us with the sight of their snow dotted feathers.   

No, really, we're good.  But now is that a downy woodpecker?

Why yes, I do believe it is.  So, how's the weather been lately in your neck of the woods? 


Polly said...

What stunning photos! I hear a woodpecker around here sometimes, but have never spotted it! We had some crazy wind and rain storms last night and a tornado touched down a county over which destroyed a barn. So sad. But everyone was safe, thank goodness!

Can't wait for spring!!!!!



Heather Baird said...

They are so pretty! Your pictures are gorgeous. I can never seem to get close enough to a "critter" to get a good photo.

We had tornado warnings today! Lots of wind and rain, but we made it through!

Country Girl said...

Why yes, yes it is a Downy. Such beautiful birds, Lili. It's ok here, a typical February day. Not too terribly cold, although tonight it's supposed to get down to freezing. A month ago, I was hoping it was going to get UP to freezing - it was that cold.

Low Tide High Style said...

Hi Lili, I'm finally getting caught up and thank you for all of your wonderful comments!

Your birds pictures are so amazing! You should frame some of them or make them into note cards!

It was warm but rainy here today, and I agree that sometimes when we endure the cold we appreciate the warmth all the more!

Kat :)

Lisa said...

Oh Lili, if we Mainers weren't meant to move south eventually-there would be no such things as peach colored Cadilacs, old men in plaid shorts and black socks or one stop from Bangor to St. Pete. Trust me, if I turn 50 and don't have my condo on Sanibel-heads will roll!


julie - eab designs said...

How adorable are these sweet birds? A couple of days ago I headed out early in the morning and to my delight that was a Cardinal singing loudly in our Snowbell tree. After a lovely 70 degree day we are cold and windy again with rain, 50's for the rest of the week. Can't wait for spring!

Rain said...

Oh my Lili-these photos are incredible-breathtaking! Heading back tomorrow-hopefully they have kept my feeders full for the birds! Henri has the right idea! Spring soon!!

spindrift,maine said...

Prob'ly had the same weatha as you did, ayuh!
It is going to flash freeze tonight. Get out your Yak Trax!
Your birds are breathtaking. They make up for almost everything. ;o)

Unknown said...

Hi Lili!! It's been a rough winter here in the Midwest this year too. Your bird pictures are amazing...the ones of the blue bird are simply breath taking!!! Let's hope spring is on it's way :)

I wanted to thank you for always leaving me such genuinely kind and heartfelt comments! They always brighten my day and make me feel have such a lovely way of doing that! I just wanted you to know that they never go unnoticed and I cherish each kind word, thank you :))

Hugs ~

:) T

joanne said...

very wet and cold here...
I sure would love to see that out my window but I'm not sure I'm strong enough for Maine!

regan said...

These are such awesome pics....I never see these birds here, but then, I'm not feeding them to attract them either! That would do it! lol

I'm forwarding your blog site to our cousin on Long Island....she's a bird-nut, and will just love these!

Linda Myers said...

Here in the Pacific Northwest it said, "God gives us our beautiful summers to reward us for making it through the winters." For us it's mostly dark and rain.

I'd like to spend one winter in Maine just to say I've done it.

jennyfreckles said...

What amazing photos. You're a true pro, Lili. They are all such pretty birds too, even the starling in his smart B&W.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh these are FABULOUS!!!
We've been having spring like weather - and I'm enjoying it :)

PS - Thanks so much for visiting from Kate's blog ... and for the kind words!

Julie said...

Hi Lili, Popping in to see your new post. Have missed visiting. Your bird photos are absolutely awe-some. They are SO beautiful. To think these little creatures can have their little feather coverings and some down poofed up under there...and stay warm enough...AMAZING...I loved viewing the post, and really took to heart your statement..."If you can't take the Winter, you don't deserve the Summer."
The first thoughts of the possible move to Iowa were mostly all centered on the cold Winter days there. I have come around over the last 5 months with having to be away from Da Man, and told myself I CAN do it! Your statement just reinforced it even more. Tough up Woman...I say... :-) Hugs to you Lili. Enjoyed visiting here with you!

Privet and Holly said...

Hi sweet Lili!
Thank you for
coming by for
coffee ~ it really
brightened my day : ) !!
You know that I can
MOST definitely
relate to your
winter blahs....
But I don't see
nearly the birds
that you do....and
btw, these pics
are just wonderful!
I think you need
a trip south to visit
your daughter!! I
have to say, I can't
imagine you and Henri
anywhere else but
xx Suzanne

Unknown said...

what great photos and really great that you are warm inside! i love the blue jay! we have a woodpecker that likes to come and drive us crazy with his pecking! he's got red on him though don't know what that little guy is! have a great weekend lili!! susan

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Lili, You are a total natural with that camera . . love those pretty birdies! Have a wonderful weekend, Sandy:O)

Completely Coastal said...

Gorgeous shots, Lili! The colors of these birds are so beautiful, especially against the cold winter landscape.

Hope to eventually head South for the winters too!!!!

Shellbelle said...

We'd have to change that expression here in Florida to, "If you can't take the Summer, you don't don't deserve the Winter."

Our summers are brutally hot and humid, while winter is normally perfect beach weather. The last couple of years we've had lots of freezing temps, but right now — its glorious!

Yep, I live in the Land of Snow Birds, where all y'all come to escape the cold and snow. See you soon! lol

Your photos are spectacular. I need a camera with a good zoom lens like that to capture closeups of our beautiful beach birds. Could you email me and tell me what kind of camera you're using?

Our weather? It's 7:13 pm and I'm wearing shorts and a tank top with the a/c running!

Vicki Boster said...

Lili - you are GOOD with that camera - the bird photos are fabulous! We deserve our summer too - we feed the birds all winter long. (and it is not cheap!)

Where will you go to be a snowbird?