Saturday, November 1, 2008

Good Clean Fun

I made a mess of the kitchen tonight. Because I needed to use the microwave and the freezer to complete my project, it was a likely place to attempt to duplicate my latest obsession with "soaprocks". At about $15 each, the likelihood of my practical side giving in to my impulse to acquire a sizable stash of them was slim to none. I would make it my quest to sort out the luxury of being able to possess enough of these tiny gems so that I would never run out. By the time I finished making my first, and to date, my "only" soaprock, I began to appreciate the simplicity of once again using my old cast iron cornbread "fish" pan to bail me out of my kitchen melt down. Soon I was pulling out candy molds, mini baking tins and even a fancy penquin ice cube tray which all served to distract me from my former soaprock obsession. I think I'm cured, for now.

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