Sunday, November 8, 2009

Schoodic Region Acadia National Park

Just 12 miles from our home is this gorgeous part of Acadia National Park known as the Schoodic Region. It's like a mini Acadia with breathtaking vistas in a rather compact area. Here's a lobsterboat passing an island lighthouse.

We parked and walked right along the road.






Just in case there was any doubt.


Mickey Johnson said... it all! josh wants to go to school there sooo bad...we will see...absolutely gorgeous...truly breathtaking! xo, mickey

twobusy said...

During soccer season I felt like the luckiest person ever, since I got to drive that route every day to pick up my son at the field IN the park. It was a sad day for me when they started practicing at the high school instead ... I actually prefer the route back from the point, especially the beach covered in various sizes of awesome round rocks. And the other one that looks like the rocks are melting.