Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fussing With The Food Table

On Thanksgiving, I decided to set up all the food on a separate table from where we will dine. Thinking a candle or two would be nice to have here, this "Message in a Bottle" candle holder was easy to do with some peel and stick letters.

For a focal point, I'm using driftwood sticks that I collected from the shore and plopped into one of our raku pots.

Fussing with the food table makes me hungry, so I decided to try out the recipe for the Blackened Salmon Fillets that I will be making next week. Here's a shot of it sizzling in my cast iron skillet. This is a very good recipe!

Here's the lovely serving dish that will hold the salmon. It was a gift from our friends.

Here fishy fishy . . .

I just love my fish platter!


Lisa T. said...

Sweet! Your family is so lucky that you are putting so much thought into the holiday. Mine are praying that I wear pants.


Piecefulafternoon said...

You have inspired me. I too love to decorate and use my many dishes.