Monday, November 2, 2009

Downeast Dessert Tray

If you live in Downeast Maine and you are able to use a plastic serving platter, a candle holder, a piece of pottery and a single champagne glass to make something you can serve desserts on . . .

You may have just designed a Downeast Dessert Tray.

Says Henri, poking fun at me today.

But that's before he saw what I put on it.

Because I'm quite sure

when he goes into the kitchen

to look around for something to eat

He'll just tilt his head to one side and say . . . "Sweetie, did you make these for me?"

And of course I'll be all sweet and say . . .

"Yes sweetie, I sure did."


Elenka said...

You're a very smart woman!

Mickey Johnson said...

...they say presentation is everything...and that is a beautiful presentation that is making my mouth water! xo, mickey

Piecefulafternoon said...

Quite clever - and delicious looking.