Thursday, November 5, 2009

Almost Endless Supply of Toile

Toile is one of my favorite French inspired fabrics, so when I found this rubber stamp in the bargain bin I snatched it up. My mission was to experiment to see if I could use just plain acrylic paint with this rubber stamp to apply a pattern of toile on some fabric I had laying around to make a window covering.

Well, I found an old white sheet that had seen better days, doubled it up from the length and sewed a zigzag stitch up to the border, finishing off the sides as well. I pressed it with my Parisian (of course) linen water to give it a glorious scent. Ooh la la!

I had enough to make a valance for my curtains too. I used a square piece and doubled it over by folding it into a triangle, sewed right sides together, turned, pressed and then began stamping away.

I see a pattern developing . . .

Yes, definitely toile. I love how each stamp is either darker or lighter in tone too. Adds character you know.

And what's toile without a fleur de lis? This was done with some liquid gold leaf and a fleur de lis stencil. The gold leaf bled a little over the stencil, but again, more character!

I soaked the fabric for this pillow in strong black coffee before stamping.

This is giving me so many ideas! You know, I've always wanted a room done in toile wallpaper. Hmmmm.


Symone's Mommy said...

Gorgeous and genius at the same time! I am looking for a toile stencil.

Fearless Nester said...

Symone's Mommy...oooh a toile stencil would be a real find! And thanks for the compliment, you're very sweet!

Elenka said...

Good grief, lady, you made the curtain FIRST and THEN stamped it? Yikes. You are one brave person. I would've been a nervous wreck that the stamping wouldn't work. Job well done!!!!!!!

Piecefulafternoon said...

How brave and how clever. What an idea.

Mickey Johnson said...

...incredibly creative...i love the coffee stained...what a great look! xo, mickey