Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Having a Giveaway!

And I'm celebrating this, my 99th post that I have written
about my happy life in Maine. Besides being known as the "The Pine Tree State," Maine is also famous for Lighthouses, Lobsters and MOOSE.

Perhaps not PINK moose, but that's the fun part of the giveway! I have chosen my two favorite colors, and whipped up this tiny moose pillow and stuffed it with fragrant balsam fir from the North Woods of Maine.

Oh, and I'm including a tiny canvas bag in matching colors, just because.

All you need to do to enter this giveway is just leave me a little comment, just to let me know you're there. Just say "hi" and introduce yourself, or say anything you'd like really. I love reading your comments! The winner will be selected by Simon, my parrot and be announced in Monday's post. You can enter twice, by making another comment in tomorrow's post too, because I just love reading your comments!


Lisa T. said...

I love the colors! I want it. I'm just saying.


Queenie said...

Thanks for the cheery message - it really helps to know someone is out there. I will TRY to keep a positive eye on the beauty of fall, as you suggested, rather than focus on the drudge of winter. What great colors in your pillow and bag - pick me! pick me!

Piecefulafternoon said...

Well - being picked by a parrot is special. We had a parrot when I was a kid - and I'm sure he would have loved to pick a name. I love the pretty colors - and especially love bags - and moose. LOL

Anonymous said...

My name is spike and i live in blue hill with my friend henry. We just love moose sometimes we wish our humans looked more like a moose( the big one with the big tummy acts like one) well we would love to have the giveaway as no one has ever given us anything except food.! We love your wook! Spike+henry Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Spike miss spelled work! she is very old . So please forgive her.Good by and god bless Simon-Henry Gordon.