Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hiking Great Head Trail

After I finished my jelly making this morning (more on that tomorrow) we decided to take a drive over to Acadia National Park to hike the Great Head Trail. This vista is very near the beginning of the hike.

This trail is one of our favorite hikes. Here Henri is holding up a rock we noticed on the trail before placing it back on the ground. Because we HEART Acadia.

It was still a bit hazy when we reached the top, but the sun was just starting to burn through.

The sound of the pounding surf always seems to draw people a little too close to the edge.

Just around the bend from here a vista opens up over Sand Beach with the Beehive towering above it.

Zooming in on Sand Beach

One of my favorite views that will change dramatically as fall approaches.

Here, it almost looks too green compared to the vibrant red, orange and golds that the autumn will bring.


Lisa T. said...

Oh, just lovely pictures!. It's funny how I take for granted the treasures just minutes from my doorstep and instead dream of faraway, exotic places! I think I'll work on that.


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a great walk - thanks for taking us along.

Mickey Johnson said...

...awesome a piece of heaven...i can't wait to see the fall photos...hint, hint! xo, mickey

Elenka said...

I sure love that area, too. Thanks for sharing the great photos. We climbed Cadillac mountain once from Blackwoods campground and it took f o r e v e r !!!!!
Worth it, tho.
These days the car would be taking us up there, thank you very much.