Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feathering My Nest With Tag Sale Treasures

This past Sunday, my friend Diane over in Blue Hill asked me if I wanted to go to the last day of a community tag sale where everything would be marked down to 1/2 off. She had seen a potter's wheel there the day before and wondered if we would be interested in it, as it would be marked down to $10! The wheel was missing a motor, but I instantly had a vision of having a second wheel in our studio (located in our basement) where we could enjoy each other's company while throwing pots. We bought the wheel and that will be another project for another day. But today, I wanted to share pictures of some of the other treasures we picked up that day.

A glass apothecary jar that I filled with cotton balls

that until I got it home, I hadn't even noticed this sweet etching on the front of it!

I wasn't sure what this was, there were two, this one and a blue one. I immediately planned to pair them with a glass pedestal to use as a dome, perhaps for a wedge of cheese.

And this set of plates that hold a bit of sea inspiration for me.

A set of 6 white linen cocktail napkins with a raised white-on-white embroidered design. And there's the edge of the other lovely blue glass dome thingy.

A vintage (I think) glass nutmeg grinder with it's charming little crank handle.

And a tiny glass salt & pepper set with traces of pepper still showing up in the grooves of the design. Notice the nice patina on the top of the left one.

A set of 4, pink and white embroidered napkins that I have yet to launder and iron.

And I can hardly wait to pour this linen water into my iron and inhale the scent of those glorious steamy vapors. This is a container I already had, and today I filled it with the scented water I had left over from my recent experiment with lavender and lemon balm lotion. If you missed that post, you can read about that here.

When I came across this set of well-worn blue, striped napkins they felt so soft and lovely that I was inspired to get them for Henri to use as handkerchiefs. (You probably don't care to know this, but the pollen in the air around here is rampant right now! )

And the best part is . . . all of my treasures were located in the room where they gave you a brown paper grocery bag and told you that you could fill it up for the mere cost of one dollar! This was by far the best tag sale I have ever been to. Have you ever had a really great tag sale day too?


Mickey Johnson said...

...i love a tag sale and you sure got some great deals...like christmas in september! xo, mickey

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh - you are my kind of shopper - I love everything you got - what fun!!!!