Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dexter, Maine

We took a trip 80 miles inland today to the town of Dexter. One of my favorite stores there is right on Main Street.

I love the look of their window boxes this time of year.

Just 1 mile from downtown Dexter, you'll find a simple country lane

that we named years ago

that leads to our special spot tucked away in the woods
This is the place that first inspired me to make these balsam filled pillows

to help remind us of the special times we have spent there.


Mickey Johnson said...

...awesome place and i love the pillows. what a fragrant way to lay down your head!!! i might have to get one of those from you! xo, mickey

Fearless Nester said...

Oh no, my bad! Pillow probably wasn't the best term to use. They only measure about 8 x 7 inches. And to make matters worse, I got carried away with my zoom feature. Sorry Mickey! But that WOULD make a great fragrant way to lay down your head...wonder how much balsam I can get my hands on!! Hmmmm