Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rabbit Food

This is a shot of me with my bunny masterpiece that I made several years ago for Easter.

They are surprisingly easy to make.

So today, I whipped up a small one for our lunch. He looks all wrinkled (and even kind of mad looking) before he gets baked.

Fresh from the oven, and eyes still closed, a baby bunny emerges.

Here he is all prettied up and laying in a nest of salad fixins (and tuna salad).

His eyes are raisins. And that was supposed to be a bunny tail down there.

I didn't have nearly as many salad fixins in the house as when I made the first one. But I still had the same platter to display him in.

I found his teeth in a bag of granola I had with coconut slices.

And his nose is just a cut piece from a radish.

I used a knife to make his whiskers.

The whiskers overlap his little bulging bunny cheeks.

Which I think may be the hallmark of a well "bread" bunny.


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

You are so creative . . this is a good idea, inexpensive but real impressive, I like it. Have a good evening.

vicki said...

You win - that is the cutest thing ever! He makes me laugh---


Maya said...

You are such a talent! Happy Easter!!

Kelly or Alex said...

I love the bunny. His is so cute. I will have to try him if my granddaughter comes up for Easter. Great idea.

Linda B said...

This is sooooooooooooo cute! I want to make one, but all we get to take to Easter is a potatoe dish. Well, I don't have time, I'll save the idea in my archives. Ha.

Piecefulafternoon said...

That is just too cute. I might try one of those too. You are so clever!

jennyfreckles said...

Even mealtimes look great fun in your household. He is so cute (not so sure about the tail!)

Ange said...

Ha ha Lili - lucky you let us know about the tail ;-) It's true what the others say, you are a born artist ;-) Thanks for your lovely comment the other day about education. I'm taking them all in and building on them. Bisous (kisses)

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh I love this! You always make yummy things to eat and this one is cute AND yummy!

Kat :)