Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sea Glass Hunting

What's more fun than an Easter egg hunt this time of year? A hunt for sea glass after high winds and astronomically high tides. I'm not an expert, but here are a few things I've learned about sea glass hunting. See those lines of seaweed that run parallel to the shore? That's where the tides deposit most of what washes up on the shore. Look around there.

A good time to go is on a sunny day. (But even better is during that golden hour before sunset where the glint of a piece of sea glass can easily catch your eye.) Also to maximize your area of coverage, plan to go near low tide.

Common pieces are white, green and beer bottle glass. This is the first piece I found today.

Some rarer colors are red, orange, blue, black and aqua. But not necessarily in that order. I was lucky to find this blue piece today.

As well as this nice sized aqua piece.

Here's the first few I found today displayed together.

And here they are displayed with the rest of what I found today.

Look who was in a nearby tree enjoying a snack.

Around here, it helps to have a keen eye.

Because you just never know what you're apt to miss.


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

I am so jealous . . I would love to live there . . look at all those treasures you can find. Happy Easter Lili!

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a wonderful hunt. The colors are gorgeous.

Teri said...

I am SO jealous!!! I want to go play beside the ocean!

Joy said...

I just found your website. My husband and I packed up 2 pick-up trucks, my 91 year old father, and a van and moved to an island off the coast of Washington. The ocean is out my window! I'm going to look for some sea glass soon! Great blog, by the way.

Fabulously french said...

Love all your finds, can I come and search with you?
Happy Easter Lili,

Leeann x

Ange said...

I see the methods are the same whether you're in France or the US. I guess the joy of the find must be the same too, equal to the joy of the hunt. Have a lovely time hunting. Still think of you every time I look at my glass.

Low Tide High Style said...

Great sea glass hunting tips and I love your most recent finds!

Kat :)

Maurie Kirschner said...

One of my favorite pass times! With this rockin' windstorm happening today, conditions should be great soon!

Thanks for your recent comments, they were really appreciated.

I got an e-mail from your friend who just moved here and once she gets settled we'll try and get together - always fun meeting new people!

vicki said...

Love the sea glass - one of my favorite things. My colection is ever growing also because I search whereever we travel. We are so fortunate that the beach in Florida where we have a condo is known for its seaglass. How wonderful that you found a yellow! A rare treasure indeed!